• It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
    As you might have already guessed, I love the notion that it was once common practice to have situations in which it becomes impossible to complete a videogame. To add insult to injury, the games in question rarely mentioned that fact to the player, leaving them to lurch around forever in a broken game, not knowing that the only way to succeed was to turn off the game and start from scratch.
  • Ten games that make you think about life
    Games might not yet be recognized as art but they are increasingly being used to explore the kind of deep themes that were previously the preserve of artists and philosophers.
  • The Story of GameStop, Feature Story from GamePro
    The story of how the brainchild of two Harvard students who got $3 million from Ross Perot almost thirty years ago evolved into what's become the world's largest video game retailer, GameStop.
  • Spear vs. Tank | Five Players
    Today, the British army no longer trains pikemen, for obvious reasons. But if 100% accurate historical simulation Civilization IV is to be believed, we should have kept them around. According to Sid Meier’s evening-devouring PC strategy game, a unit of battle-hardened pikemen can take down an entire column of modern tanks. The spear, it seems, is mightier than the 105mm L52 M68 rifled cannon.
  • Thanks For Everything, Video Games
    A globe of fire temporarily replaced a portion of the blackness on the horizon. The fire shimmered close to where my eyes landed, and then peeled back farther away. My fingertips were freezing. I coughed. The cough brought the pain in my jaw to life.

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